President BushPresident Bush has approached the senate, looking for approval on a bill that deals with doping in international competition.

“Ratifying the convention will solidify our nation’s place as a leader in the worldwide effort to rid athletics of cheating through chemistry,” White House press secretary Dana Perino said in a written statement.

U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Jim Scherr said he appreciated Bush’s support.

“This convention is emblematic of the commitment our government has made to work in partnership with anti-doping authorities and governments from around the world to further eradicate the use of banned and illegal substances in Olympic sport,” Scherr said in a statement.

The bill would not affect professional sports in any way other than to serve as a guideline for each league’s own policies. It would affect elite athletes representing the United States in international competition, such as at the Olympics.

(Further Reading: ESPN – Photo Credit: cmcentral)

Update: I admit, I was had! That photo isn’t President Bush, it’s professional impersonator John Morgan.