Eclipse in MaineTonight led to an interesting run, as evidenced in the photo the right. I considered postponing my run until late tonight so that I could see the eclipse while I was running, but decided that it wasn’t worth staying up that late. I knew that the eclipse would begin around the time that I finished running and that I’d be able to enjoy it from home.

The run began great. Despite having not charged the batteries in my headlamp, I had no trouble seeing as there were very little clouds in the air and the moon was quite bright. I thought that the moon looked a little funky, so I knew the eclipse wasn’t too far away. The next time that I glanced up, though, it had begun!

By the time that I got home, it was pretty dark. I ran inside, collected my camera and my wife, and you can see from the photo how long I had until the total eclipse.

I thought that the eclipse would start at 10:00 and be total at around 10:30. The photo was taken at about 9:30. I think that it was a good thing that I didn’t wait to run.

I took a dozen pictures or so, playing with different exposures. I don’t have a remote shutter for my camera, though, so it is impossible to avoid a little camera shake at night. The photo above is at the maximum resolution. I just cropped it into a square.

If you would like to download my original images, then you can do so by clicking on the picture. The pictures are compressed into a ZIP archive that is about 4MB in size. Most of them aren’t any good, but they are interesting to look through. This photo was #26.