There were 6 official entries in my first Twitter Running Story Contest. The rules were simple: Post a link to a Twitter page that told a story about running or walking in exactly 140 characters.

Here are the official entries in the order in which they were received:

  1. Nick Cross wrote: It was -34 windchill and I was running. 3 Inches of snow on the ground. People commuting on bicycles. That made me feel less crazy but am I?
  2. Pathfinder wrote: Round a corner. Hint of red. A tree, a leg. Pump my arms. There he is! Fast legs, heavy breath, his head turns. I am on him and he knows it.
  3. David Parry wrote: A Running Story:Toddler throws her shoe out the window of a car. I pick it up and chase car. Two stoplights later return to surprised mom.
  4. Aaron Engulsrud wrote: The finish was in sight. He knew the reward would be worth the price. He dug deep. The big clock told the story: 4:29:08, a new PR. Victory!
  5. John Frenette wrote: In the distance, the Golden Gate Bridge becomes clearer with each stride through the fog. Headwind pushing back, I’m ever-nearer to my goal.
  6. JoLynn Braley wrote: The rain never stopped her from running but this was a bit too eerie. A dense fog hung in the air, like that time when she ran for her life.

While my wife and I were waiting for our flight at the airport, we went through the entries and decided which ones that we liked the best. There were really only 5 entries to choose from, because one of the entries didn’t exactly follow the rules; it was only 138 characters long.

The story that we chose was Nick’s story, about crazy commuters! I’ll be sending you a PDF copy of my book about Marathon Preparation and Recovery, Nick, so you can expect that in your inbox sometime tonight.

Thanks to everybody who participated, and good luck if you also entered your story into the parent contest over at CopyBlogger!

Update: @Copyblogger Twitter Contest Results