Weekly Back Cove Race Series bannerWeek 7 is now in the books, with almost 160 runners finishing on a warm, sunny day in the mid-70s. These huge crowds are very exciting to see week after week. There are now 37 runners who have run at least 6 of the races, building the leaderboard over half again from last week’s 22.

Stan Pyle led the way this week, winning the race in a (for him) pedestrian 16:41. Tyler Jasud was 15 seconds behind him.

Heather Pagano followed up her performance from 2 weeks ago with a new women’s course record of 18:40! Way to go, Heather! Her season seems to be ramping up very quickly.

I treated this as another easy week. I began getting a migraine at about 4:55 this afternoon and knew that I wouldn’t be able to see well enough to drive to the race, so I ran there instead. I lost the vision in my left eye, but the hallucinations were over by the time I got to the starting line and I never did get a headache. The only lingering effect was a slight loss of balance, but that was gone as well halfway through the race.

This migraine turned out to be a blessing in disguise (I can say this because there was no pain associated with it) because I discovered that I work just far enough from the starting line to get a good warm up in. I think that I’ll plan on not driving down from now on, which lets me avoid running laps. The only reason I ran on any of the busy roads for more than a few hundred feet was because it took me a mile to think to cut through the woods to the train tracks – on the way back to work I didn’t have to run on any busy roads and cut through trails, train tracks and no outlet or low access developments. Very nice.

I will post a link to the photos once they are available. There will also be a video available, courtesy of Betty Young of the Maine Track Club. I don’t know if it was at the starting line, but it definitely captured the finish line.

(Full Results – Photos » Set 1Set 2)