This week last year I gave a lot of good advice about how to find a place to work out, how to choose a race plan (including a case study) and explaiend how your racing problems are all (quite literally) in your head.

  • The week began with a new series with Scott, this time focusing on travel. I offered advice on finding a track to work out on when you are traveling. My favorite tip is to just look at Google Maps or some other aerial or satellite photography of the area you will be visiting, because running tracks are very distinctive and easy to pick out on a map.
  • I created a case study on developing a race plan so that you could follow my thought processes on how I decided what to do during a specific race. I then followed that case study up with the actual results of the race after all was said and done.
  • One of the reasons that I needed such a detailed race plan was because a few days after the 5k race, I ran a 50k. It was my first time racing beyond the distance of a marathon.
  • Some of the latest research in muscle performance found that most racing problems are probably mental rather than physical. There is a chemical influence in the body relating to muscle damage, but there aren’t any actual problems with the muscles themselves that would inhibit performance.
  • This week 2 years ago, I shared the 2nd best way to avoid hangovers (the best obviously being to avoid drinking to excess.) I also suggested that you check your gym or race bag before you leave in the morning. It is much more convenient to remember something before you leave than after.
  • This week 3 years ago, I wrote about the best marathon training run…ever! Not only did I get in a good 17 miles, but my girlfriend also agreed to marry me along the way. We’ve now been happily married for a little over 2 years. A little less exciting but more useful to everyone else, I also wrote about losing weight by cutting out sugar water by drinking more water and less soda or sports drinks.