Frank McCourtFrank McCourt just bought the operating rights to the Los Angelos Marathon from Divine Racing Management. He is already shaking things up, moving the date of the race up from Sunday, March 1st to President’s Day on Monday, February 16th for the 2009 running of the race.

As the owner of the Dodgers, McCourt plans on providing all of the financial backing for the race. I think that this makes 2010 a prime year to run the LA Marathon, after McCourt has had an opportunity to get his feet wet and figure out what makes marathons work and makes his sophomore debut into the marathon management scene.

The city council unanimously approved the transfer. Said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in a statement earlier today: “Frank McCourt has proven himself a great steward of one of our city’s crown jewels, the Dodgers, and I have great expectations for what he will do with the LA Marathon.”

Any of you readers planning on running next February? If so, let me know so I can look for your names in the results after the race.

(Associated Press)