Last week, I reviewed the DVD of Run For Your Life, which follows the life of Fred Lebow as he brought about and grew the New York City Marathon.

Screen Media Films is provided me with 5 copies of the DVD to give away, which I did throughout the course of the past week.

This last contest was a little more difficult to win than any of the previous contests, since it involved doing a little research to answer a pair of questions. First, you had to tell me who ran the first sub-4 minute mile in Maine, and then what shoe company Jeff Caron ran for in Boston.

This became a little more difficult, though, because I actually asked a different question than I meant to for question 1.

Watch the video to see the answers, as well as the selection of the last DVD winner:

Watch “Run For Your Life” DVD Contest ยป Day 5

The contest was a lot of fun for me, I really enjoyed reading everybody’s comments and emails. I hope that you enjoyed this whole process as much as I did.

Was this worth doing? Should I run contests more often? I don’t know if I will let a week long contest take over my site like this one did, but should I try to give things away more often? Which parts of the contest did you like, and which did you not care for? Leave a comment below or send me an email and let me know.

Thanks for taking part!