I just discovered an awesome charity event that I am going to have to take part in next year called One More Mile…

The event begins on November 1st, where all participants are required to run at least 1 mile. On November 2nd they are required to run at least 2 miles. Every day after that, they must run at least 1 more mile. So today, the 2 remaining participants are going to have to run at least 26 miles in order to continue on into the competition.

It cost each runner $20 to enter, with 50% of the entry fees going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the other 50% going towards the charity of the runner’s choice. If anybody makes it all the way to the end of the month, then the race organizer, Mike, is going to double the money donated to each organization.

Right now, there are 2 runners still vying for the One More Mile championship title, Ted Niemanm from Ohio and Erik Barr from Texas. So far, they have run 351 miles this month (well, Erik is 7 miles shy of that as of when I’m writing this, but he’ll probably be there by the end of the day.)

I am definitely going to follow this challenge through the weekend to see who wins or if both make it, and next year I am going to plan on taking part. Hopefully next year the site will boast a color scheme that’s a little easier on the eyes.

(More Info: The RulesOne More Mile Home Page – Hat Tip: Lloyd Thomas)