A video is now available from the Blackstrap Hell Trail Challenge last month, put together by Jeff Walker using my footage and Ian Parlin’s photographs. He did a great job, and it’s too bad it took me so long to get him the video footage in the first place. I’ve also transcribed the spoken words in the video which appears below it:

Shauna: “Am I going to go on your blog?”

Ryan: “I fell.”
Blaine: “How many times?
Ryan: “Only 3…”

Jeff: “This is a reverse seeded start…”

Jeff: “Everybody has, I think, a race map…it is a well marked course.”

Jeff: “The color of the blazing is the color of the trail on your map.”

Jeff: “The single track, you are not even going to recognize as a trail.”

Jeff: “It is, I’m not going to lie, it is slippery!”

Jeff: “You are going to have a nice flat riverside run for about 3/4 of a mile.”

Jeff: “Then you are going to come out of the woods onto the power lines and then there is going to be a big rock in front of you.”

Blaine: “So how do you feel a mile in?
Randy: “It’s still faster to go that way to get back to the parking lot, right?”

Ian: “How about the waterfall trail?
Jeff: “Oh yes! The waterfall trail is the purple trail, the trail at the bottom. That trail actually ends, but you are going to keep running.”

Blaine: “End of the trail!

Jeff: “But I suspect that this is going to be slower than the Breaker.”

Blaine: “Oh, he’s way ahead of you…you’ve got no chance of catching that dog.
James: “Oh, it’s slippery.”

Randy: “Next year I’m doing the 25k…”