All of this week I will be sharing some tips on Winter Running Apparel, with some strategies on how to keep yourself warm, safe and comfortable in cold and dark running conditions. Today is the 4th of 6 videos, with strategies on how to keep your legs warm.

Hello. This is Blaine Moore from and I’m going to show you a few things about winter running apparel so that you can go out and be prepared for the colder weather as it comes in.

Your Legs

For your legs, depending upon how cold it is you can go with just shorts. The next step up from shorts is you might want to put some running pants on. So these are some good pants for running in, made by Sport Hill, they are very comfortable, they don’t rub up against each other too much when you’re running. One thing you might want to avoid is wearing cotton sweat pants because they’ll get heavy and they’ll get wet.

And some Ski pants or warm up pants are good for if you are at a track meet, and you want to go out and get a quick warm up there, you want to stay warm between your events, something like these that are lined are really good. But when you are going out for a long run, they just really get heavy and they rub up against each other and they can cause chafing. (And it makes a really annoying noise when you run.)

For the really cold days you can wear tights, which will give you more of a compression effect. And they’ll also keep your legs a little bit warmer. Underneath of the tights you can either wear briefs or running shorts, or if it’s not super windy out then you could just go with just the tights.

If it is really cold out, you can wear regular shorts over the tights just to give you another layer of protection. Or you can wear something like the tights underneath the pants. Or even put some tights on that will only go to your knee or down to your calf as that base layer and those work out pretty well for keeping the wind away from the sensitive areas.