Jenn Stuczynski set the American Indoor Pole Vault Record at the Boston Indoor Games last night at 15′ 9.75″ and then attempted to set a new world record. Here is the result of each of her jump from the video I shot at the meet:

Here is a quote from Jenn after the meet:

“It was definitely harder to do than you say it is. I was trying to treat it like a normal meet, but like I was telling my coach before hand, if I had to say how I felt like I was going to do today it was a big question mark. I didn’t know if I was going to do well. I didn’t have a feeling about it going into this meet. It was a big question mark. I just didn’t know how I was going to perform.

“I think it was a relief. It’s a mental game you play with yourself. I’ve tried this so many times and now I want to make it today. I tried to stay focused on it and go with the routine jumps.

“Having the runway it brought a different outlook to the Boston Games. I’ve competed here before and then bringing the runway added a little bit of magic to it. It was nice to be up on that platform. It felt like the pole vault was highlighted. It looked so good with the runway, the signs and the flowers near the pad. It looked really good. It helped the pole vault for sure.

“I kept trying to feel when I jumped 4.90 at the Adidas, because that one felt so smooth to me. I kept thinking, make it feel that smooth. I kept referring back to that and a place I knew I was comfortable. I was trying to put myself in a different kind of setting.”