New York Road Runners LogoRegistration opened this past Thursday for the New York City Marathon, and there is a new fee structure in place that you need to be aware of if you plan on registering.

Guaranteed Entry

  Open (Age 18-39)
  Marathon Half-Marathon
Men 2:55:00 1:23:00
Women 3:23:00 1:37:00
  Masters (Age 40+)
  Marathon Half-Marathon
Men 3:10:00 1:30:00
Women 3:38:00 1:44:00
  Veterans (Age 50+)
  Marathon Half-Marathon
Men 3:30:00 1:40:00
Women 3:52:00 1:50:00
  Veterans (Age 60+)
  Marathon Half-Marathon
Men 3:45:00 1:48:00
Women 4:13:00 2:00:30
  Veterans (Age 70+)
  Marathon Half-Marathon
Men 4:00:00 1:55:00
Women 4:35:00 2:11:00

First, they are still using the lottery system, so you need to register by June 1st. If you have an automatic qualifying time (see the sidebar at right) then you need to register by May 1st. (This also includes guaranteed entry for NYRR members that run 9 of the 50 NYRR events throughout the year – but don’t forget that you need to volunteer at at least one as well!)

Whether you are getting a guaranteed entry through the lottery or you are hoping that luck will shine on you, you’ll need to pay an $11 processing fee whether you get accepted into the race or not.

If you are accepted into the race, then you need to pay between $138 and $231 to run (which is up between $16 and $21 from last year’s fees.)

  • Members of the NYRR pay $138
  • Non-members from the US pay $171
  • International runners pay $231.

You also authorize the purchase of your chip for $35, although that fee will not be processed as long as you return your chip and it doesn’t get lost. The entry price does not include admission to the pre-race pasta dinner, which you can purchase tickets for after being accepted for $15.

Everything is non-refundable, although if you are unable to run then you can waive your entry to bypass the lottery next year and pay your fees again.

Charity runners can receive guaranteed entry into the race until that charity has met its quota, and you will be required to raise a minimum of $2500. You can not cancel your registration without authorization from your charity.

New York City has been and continues to be the most expensive destination marathon in the United States, which is probably why I don’t expect to run it again at any point in the near future. It costs almost $100 more to run it now than when I ran it a few years ago.

(More Information: Marathon Application Instructions)