USATFIt has been less than a month since USATF CEO Doug Logan challenged the JAAA to a dual meet series pitting the two nations best sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers against one another in team competition.

The meets have been scheduled, and will happen in May and June of 2010. That will give the USATF and the JAAA 13 months to put the event together, sign the athletes to commit, and arrange media sponsorship.

“We look forward to taking on our American friends in head-to-head competition in 2010,” said JAAA President Howard Aris. “We are confident that this kind of team competition, featuring the most exciting events in athletics, will prove captivating to fans around the world.”

The meet on US soil will probably be in the Southeast, so if I can’t manage to make my way down I really hope that it is broadcasted on a television station that I’ll have access to or is streamed over the web so that I can watch it live.

This is bound to be a pretty exciting meet and it will be interesting to see how the nations do in heads up team competition.

(More Info: Doug Logan’s LetterUSATF)