Try to imagine that you have an honest chance of winning the Boston Marathon.

You run the marathon, and there are still 8 women in the lead pack past 20 miles because the pace is so slow (remember, you have an honest chance of winning!)

Then imagine that you are outsprinted in the last mile to finish 5 seconds behind the winner and 4 seconds behind 2nd place. You ran a great race, but you fell a little short of your own expectations.

What is your first thought?

If you said, “Kick back and party, then go run the London Marathon in 6 days,” then you just might be Kara Goucher…(video after the break)

After finishing the race, Kara immediately began petitioning her coach to get her into London. She felt like she only ran a hard 10k following the relatively easy 20 miles and she thinks that she’s up for it.

I don’t know how great that would be for her body or continuing career, but since she is probably going to take a year or two away from competitive running afterwards anyway so that she can start a family she could probably pull it off given the way that the race went yesterday.

All I can really say is…it would be a whole lot of awesomeness if she went out there and won.

(Photo Credit: Roger Morse – Video Credit: FloTrack)