Weekly Back Cove 5kUnder some blue skies and lots of wind, there were 161 runners out in the 70 degree temperatures for tonight’s Back Cove 5k.

Scott Gorneau ran it in with Kurt Wente in 17:18 and 17:28 (respectively); this is Scott’s second race this season after having not run since the first week.

Abbey Gosling had a slightly larger lead in the women’s race, finishing faster than 2 minutes over Lilian Childress with a time of 19:11.

Now that it has been six weeks, that means that there is finally a leader board! You can now compare how you are doing against everybody else that has run at least six of the races.

The initial leaderboard isn’t quite as large as last year’s 22 members, but there’s still over 6 times as many people that have run the initial 6 races over 2007. 10 men and 3 women have made their way onto the board, with Dino DeSanctis leading the series and Alissa Poisson becoming the early front runner for the women.

I’ve only run half of the races so far this year, sadly. (I did get a good track workout in with my team tonight though.)

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