Weekly Back Cove 5k188 runners made their way out in the fog and wind last night to compete in cool temperatures that hovered right around 60 degrees.

Claton Conrad took it out in about the same pace as last week’s race, finishing only 2 seconds slower in 16:13 for his 1st trip around the Back Cove this season. Despite a guy yelling to me at about a mile and a quarter, there was no chance of anybody being able to “run him down” last night though, as I finished over a minute behind him in 17:14.

Abbey Gosling is establing a trend, winning the women’s race in 19:16. She is now 4 for 4 in the wins category for her participation in the race this year; 2 more races and she should debut nicely on the leader board.

Kellie Stratton knocked 2 minutes and 17 seconds off of her cumulative time on the leader board this week, but it wasn’t enough as Julianne Baroody ran her 6th race and came onto the leader board with an almost 12 minute lead.

Nathan Augustine did not improve his time at all, but he has the distinction of having run in all 8 races to this point, a distinction held by only 7 people.

Seth Differ came onto the leader board in the lead for the men this week, with about an 11 minute lead over Nathan. I expect that the leader board is going to be shaken up quite a few times over the next few weeks until it settles out for the rest of the season and becomes a battle between fewer players.

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