Back Cove StartThe Weekly Back Cove Race Series is now 15 weeks in, with 1 more month of races remaining.

There have been 6 different winners in the past 3 weeks since my last update. Emily Durgin (19:10) and Curtis Wheeler (16:56) won on August 8th. Matt Lunt (17:20) and Kristen Sweeney (20:24) won on August 12th. Kurt Wente (17:40) and Marita Stressenger won on August 19th.

Curtis Wheeler has (not surprisingly) taken over the leaderboard with a cumulative time of 1:44:06, 47 seconds ahead of Scott Gorneau. Abbey Gosling has only run once in the past 3 weeks and did not drop her cumulative time of 1:54:10 at all, but she still maintains a comfortable 13 minute lead.

Only 2 people remain who have run every single race so far this year.

I have not gotten to the race at all in the past 3 weeks, nor have I been running. My foot is getting better, but is not well enough to run on yet.

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