ravioli bombThe potential microwave bomb that was diffused by the bomb squad during yesterday’s Pittsburgh Marathon turns out not to have been a bomb after all…it was just an old microwave with ravioli in it.

The police thought that there was a pipe bomb inside the microwave, which was suspicious because it wasn’t in the casing area.

“I just can’t believe anyone would do this because this is just an event to have fun, to keep you athletically challenged. We’re having enough trouble just finishing the race, and then for someone to go ahead and do this, how crazy?” said Beth Maiello, of Wexford.

My guess is that the microwave was not maliciously left there; I’d assume that it was broken and the owner couldn’t fix it, so they just threw the parts they’d pulled into the door and then left it as litter on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, the new course that the runners were diverted to turns out to have been shorter than the full course, so I am going to guess that the runners will not be allowed to use Pittsburgh as a Boston Qualifier this year.

(More Info: Pittsburgh Channel 4)