The weather was relatively cool last night at the 10th Back Cove 5k, hovering in the mid-70s (which is nice compared to the past few weeks), but the humidity was much higher than I was expecting it to be.

I went out right where I wanted to be with a 5:33, after which I passed a few people to run most of the race in third place. My effort was pretty consistent, with 5:43 and 5:39 miles, but then I actually got outsprinted at the very end of the race by Nathan Buck, who just completed his 5th race of the season and is poised to jump onto the leader board after his next race. I did manage to go under 18 minutes for a 5k for the first time this year, which is nice.

Marc Halverson and Abshir Horor led the entire race and finished together in 16:46. Too bad I couldn’t really see the finish too well from almost a minute behind them. Similarly, Dana Quincy had almost a minute lead in the women’s race, finishing in 18:59.

Dave Manz (01:46:35) managed to maintain his spot atop the leader board this week despite not improving his cumulative time, but Toby Grindal (1:48:13) managed to drop 35 seconds in second place and I have moved back to third place by dropping over 3 minutes from cumulative time when I traded last week’s 20:52 for this week’s 17:41. Lily Childress didn’t run this week but maintains her spot atop the leader board in 02:02:53.

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