Sandra WaltonMy friend and local Maine Track Club membership chair Sandra Walton asked me recently about my Atayne shirts and what I thought about how well they wicked sweat away from you.

I’ve never really noticed a problem with my shirts. I’ll be the first to acknowledging that the shirts are a little heavier than some of my other shirts, but I thought that the major problem that Sandy was having was due more to the extreme humidity that we were having the past week than to the shirts themselves.

Rather than relying on opinions, she decided to get to the truth of the matter…

Okay, I had to prove it to myself. If it was just a matter of high humidity that gave me a super soaked shirt, then I didn’t want to continue to speak negatively about the Atayne shirt’s wicking properties, SO…

I did a little experiment with the help of my bachelors-in-chemical-engineering husband, Casey. Thanks, Brock, for the idea.

The Experiment

I took 5 different brands of shirts, and ran on the treadmill in each one for exactly 5 minutes after a 10 minute warm up. I weighed the shirts in grams before the run, immediately after the 5 minute run, 5 minutes after the run, and 10 minutes after the run.

The Data

  New Balance Brooks Atayne Asics Nike
Dry Weight 134 g 131 g 163 g 117 g 107 g
Immediately after 5 minutes of running 142 g 145 g 178 g 132 g 124 g
After 5 minutes of air drying time 141 g 144 g 177 g 132 g 124 g
After 10 minutes of air drying time 140 g 144 g 176 g 132 g 123½ g
Difference after 10 minutes 2 g 1 g 2 g 0 g ½ g

My Analysis

The New Balance and Atayne shirts had 2g of sweat evaporate out, with Brooks at 1g, and the others not at all – after 10 minutes of ‘air time’.

New Year's Resolution: 36/365One big difference I saw while running is that the Atayne shirt is quite heavy and definitely felt hotter – I almost felt like I was putting on a jacket (compared to the others), especially when compared to running in the lightest, the Nike shirt, in spite of the fact that Nike didn’t wick/dry as well.

In any case, that was enough for me feel that with all the other plusses about the Atayne company (green, Maine company, community service) and shirt (design, odorless, colors, softness), I can give my full support towards Atayne for this project and any other race that we put on!

…I can admit when I’m wrong! 🙂

By the way, I lost 69 grams or 2½ ounces of sweat in just the shirts in 25 minutes — drink up!

…and now I have lots of laundry to do…


(Photo Sources: Sandra Walton – Sasha Wolff)