DSC_1713Last week I skipped the Weekly Back Cove Series since I knew that I’d run faster than I should right after my 50k. There were 169 people that braved the weather, but the storms held off in Portland long enough for the racers to stay dry. Nick Wheeler (16:21) and Christine Irish (20:04) both ran away with the wins by a healthy margin.

This week, there were air quality warnings out for the day and you could tell that things just weren’t right despite it not being that hot with temperatures only in the mid-70s.

There was a good crowd up front, with 4 people going sub-18 led by Ross Nickerson in 17:02. Christine led the way for the women again, this time in 19:39, but she only had a 10 second lead this week.

I wasn’t feeling very well after the first mile and didn’t run as fast as I’d have liked, finishing in 18:46. I was actually feeling ill to the stomach and faint that evening so I didn’t do much once I got home, although I had to get back to my car after the race which was a 5 mile cool down.

My place in the standings and my cumulative time didn’t change at all with my run this week, nor has the leaderboard really changed that much in the past few weeks. Dave and Lily still top the boards with their times of 1:46:35 and 2:02:53.

(Results: Week 11Week 12Leader BoardComplete Runner’s List – Photos: DCYDP)