_DSC0028Temperatures in the upper 80s with a fair bit of humidity made things a bit toasty this week at the Back Cove 5k, but Andrew Clemence (17:13) and Christine Irish (19:56) didn’t let that slow them down as they both won their races by over a minute.

186 people finished the race on Wednesday night, although there were no changes at the top of the leader board. We are now down to just 3 people that have run every race this year so far.

With 2 races this weekend, the Beach to Beacon 10k on Saturday and the Bradbury Mountain Breaker 9 Mile Trail Race on Sunday, I didn’t want to put in a race or tempo type of effort. Instead, I thought that a 4 x 400m workout with 800m recovery jogging would be a good way to stretch out the legs without stressing them too much.

And, I think that it would have been a good workout, except that I made the unwise decision to run the workout barefoot. I felt fine on my warm up, and managed to get to the starting line literally seconds before the race started, but after the first couple of quarter mile repeats (83 seconds each) the humidity had led to my feet sweating enough that the crushed gravel path I was running on wasn’t treating my feet overly kindly.

So, I after the 85 second repeat #3, I decided that I was better off running in nice and easy and trying to keep off my feet as much as possible after that. My feet should be fine by this weekend, and at least the repeats that I did do stretched my legs out quite well, which was the purpose of them.

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