Umstead 100Yesterday, the Umstead 100 opened registration, but somebody decided to be sneaky and made a fake registration link at that allowed people to register early (since the race directors decided to let those 29 people into the race.)

This seems to me to be an easy way to scam people, just poorly executed given the hundreds of people fighting for the available race entries (which filled in about 6 minutes or so.)

Watch the video for my thoughts on how the process was handled:

I decided against registering for Umstead even though I had the form filled out and ready to submit in plenty of time (around 12:04) because I wasn’t sold on running it for my first 100 miler.

Instead, I decided that I would rather run the NJ 100 instead, which is a few weeks earlier and fits my schedule a little better. Logistically, it will also be easier for me to get to.

Transcription of Today’s Video


Did you get into Umstead, and if not, are you running a marathon or ultramarathon this Spring? If so, which one?