Gait AnalysisBrooks, who makes popular running shoes, created a “carnival bus” and drove around the country with it visiting Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon expos and running stores to show off their products and to do gait analysis on runners.

This Autumn they stopped in at Maine Running Company where I got an opportunity to see what they were up to.

The bus is pretty neat; after parking, the roof lifts up and reveals an upper deck with a pair of treadmills hooked up to video cameras. They have the runner take off their shoes, and measure the angle from heel to achilles to mid-calf when your foot is at mid-stance.

The lower level had a relatively humorous “museum” that showed the “history” of the running shoe, as though they were ancient relics dug out of the ground and put on display.

I think that they had a few other attractions as well, but even after they were set up I didn’t see anybody promote or make use of them at our local stop.

Here’s a description of the process after I had my own gait analyzed:

Video Transcription


Now that the final Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon for the year is over (it was in Las Vegas this past weekend) I believe that the bus is done rolling around for the year, but they might start their tour again next year. If not, your local running shop is probably equipped to do a similar gait analysis for you if you’d like to have one done.