Jeff BrowningIgnite is a neat concept that was started in 2006 by Brady Forrest from O’Reilly Media, and they have staged events in over 100 cities around the world. Their motto is, “Enlighten us, but make it quick.

Presenters get to talk about their passions, either personal or professional, and have to follow a specific format. They create a 20 slide presentation, and each slide automatically advances every 15 seconds. That means that each presenter has 5 minutes to talk about their topic and teach something interesting to the audience.

Jeff Browning is an ultramarathoner that spoke at Ignite Bend 4 (which was on February 25, 2010) and here is what he had to say about running 100 miles and what it is like to stay awake for 18-33 hours without sleep:

Jeff talks about his first hand experiences running ultramarathons, specifically 100 milers and trail races. He focuses a lot on the why, and loves that running these events helps you to get to know yourself better than anything else he’s found.