GPS watches are a great toy for runners. They allow us to track how far we are running, we can get real time feedback about how fast we are going, and they can help us find our way out of the woods when we get lost.

They are one of the best training tools to be invented and miniaturized to the point of usefulness in the past decade.

Are they a necessary tool in order to be a good runner? No, of course not. You could be a good runner even without a regular stop watch.

Having a stopwatch, or a GPS watch, can help you train more methodically and can help you structure your workouts so that you can make sure you are going at the required pace (both fast and slow, as appropriate.)

My favorite feature of my GPS watch is that I can just put it down next to my computer, press a button, and have my training log details filled in for me.

Making it easy to keep an accurate training log makes it that much more likely that I will review my log and modify my training to take advantage of my many years of accumulated knowledge about what does and doesn’t work for my body.

So which watch is the best? I have a definite suggestion, you can watch the video to find out:

Video Transcription


Do you have a GPS watch? If so, what brand is it? Or are you still using a regular stopwatch? Do you ever run without a watch?

Leave a comment below and let me know.