Blaine Moore with Runners WorldWhile I will occasionally read something from their website, I very rarely purchase an issue of Runner’s World anymore. When I was younger, I was subscribed for years, but around the time that I got to college it just didn’t seem relevant to me anymore.

The other day, however, I picked up a copy. It has a full page spread illustrated by a friend of mine, John Tomac. He goes through the thought process from conception to execution on his website, so you can see how the page evolved over time into what it is now, which is pretty neat.

If you’d like to know a little more about John’s story, here’s a video that Runner’s World put together:

John Tomac discusses an illustration he produced for Runner’s World detailing his fight against Leukemia and return to the New York City Marathon.

I paced John for his first marathon in 2006, when we ran the New York City Marathon together. He’s just gotten back to New York City last year for the 2010 running, and it was great to be able to run a marathon again with him this past March in New Jersey.

He’ll be running for Team in Training again this year, again tackling the New York City Marathon. If you want to help him raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, you can check out his page here: