GCI Start LineThis was my second trip to Great Cranberry Island for the ultramarathon, and I had a great time despite the fact that I didn’t finish the race.

The only other time that I dropped out of a race was when I was in high school and I fell down the side of a mountain and broke my ankle, so it was a tough pill to swallow but I think that it was the right choice.

Unlike last year, I was far enough back that I got to see the race develop up front (as well as in the chase pack, once they had caught up to and passed me.) Running out and back so many times lets you enjoy the race as a spectator and as a runner in a way that I haven’t found anywhere else. After running together for the first 3 laps, Leah Thorvilson got left behind by Ryan Aschbrenner as he built an almost a 7 minute lead.

In the end, they both broke last year’s course record. Here’s my race recap:

Video Transcription


If you want to know more about either Gary or Leah, two of the bigger personalities in the race this year, they both took part in Marathon Mastermind. You can listen to some coaching sessions with both of them just by going over to www.marathonmastermind.com and joining in yourself.

If you want to listen in for free, you’ll have to sign up today to hear Gary, however. His coaching session ends later tonight, and Leah’s was earlier this week. There are still 5 more coaching sessions coming up next week however.