48Thanks to everybody who took part in the IceSpike contest last week! We had 54 entries this time, and our winner was AMJW from Running Overdose (Alicia, I’m guessing?) I’ll be emailing you for where to send your free set of IceSpikes.

I’d like to apologize for waiting a week before choosing a winner. I’ve got a great project in the works that is just about finished and ready to be announced that has consumed all of my time over the past couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I’d like to award the final 2 sets of IceSpikes to some deserving winners. If you took part in either of the previous two contests, you are already entered, but you are welcome to get a bonus entry into this contest now if you like by just leaving a comment below.

I will choose 2 winners at random on Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time so you have until then to leave a comment below.

1369Update: Rather than make yet another post on these contests, since this is the final one I am going to just announce the winners of the last 2 sets!

This time, there were 91 entries, and #13 and #69 were chosen, which are Jim in Wells and Marcel.

Congrats, guys, I’ll be contacting you for a mailing address!