1 More Mile and a BookI actually find the weather here in Maine very humorous.

When I ran the 1 More Mile challenge back in 2010, we had a pretty rough Winter with a lot of less than ideal running weather – snow, rain, heavy fog and the like. Then I stopped running the challenge, and the rest of the Winter was very mild with only a few more days that snow fell and it didn’t last more than 24 hours.

Today I began the challenge again, and we’ve had a very mild Winter this year. Very little snowfall…so little in fact that it’s been only at the last minute that the local snowshoe races (the ones that weren’t cancelled) were able to decide if they had a course that they could justify wearing snowshoes on. But, that changed, with 8 or 10 inches of snow today and more expected this weekend. All because I had to run 1 mile today…ha ha ha!

You can see my video update, as well as enter this week’s giveaway contest, at the 1 More Mile website. Here’s a link to today’s update:

If you’d rather just listen to the audio from the update, click here to download the MP3.