Snowshoe racing in Maine is quickly building up steam. From only 1 or 2 races a few years ago to there now being a second year of a 3 race series plus a handful of new races that have sprung up around the state over the last few years, there are plenty of opportunities (at least when we get snow and they don’t have to be cancelled.)

Today was the 3rd and final race of the Bradbury Mountain Snowshoe Series. I didn’t run in any of them this year, but I did get out to take photos today. Everybody looked like they were having a lot of fun, and while Judson Cake was no surprise for the men’s series winner (as he has blown everybody away in each of the races), the women had an upset win by Gnarls Barclay after series leader Danielle Triffitt came down with a bug and wasn’t able to make it to the final race!

Prizes included IceSpikes and the Frontier Cafe gift certificates, home made cookies, and for the series winners there were cupcakes and free entry into the summer series. The number of people who ran all 3 races rose from 19 to 28 this year, well represented by the ladies, and each of them won a Bad Ass t-shirt made by Atayne. There was also a raffle sponsored by Dion where the winners got one of 2 hats, a sweatshirt, or a free pair of racing snowshoes.

You can learn more about the series at the Trail Monster Running website if you are interested in running or in exploring one of our other races that we offer throughout the year. Next up is the Pineland Farms Festival of Races.

Today was also day 4 of the 1 More Mile Challenge. Click over to the blog to check out my progress and get a blow by blow for my own activities at the race, as well as to enter the contest for the free book! (If you prefer audio to video you can get mp3 of the update here…)