Gary and FamilyGary has been making great time this weekend, and as I write this on Monday morning he’s over 335 miles into his trip, and is making his way through Connecticut! Pretty soon he’ll be going through my old stomping grounds.

Fun stat #1: Gary covered 327 miles in his first week of running.

Fun stat #2: Gary is running through 9 states plus DC. Maine, the first state, comprised 29.7% of his total mileage.

You can follow his progress at and donate on his website at If you live on his route, he always appreciates folks coming out to cheer for him.

Today we’ve got 2 updates for you, one from Saturday (day 6) and one from this morning.

First, here’s Saturday’s update:

Click the play button to hear Gary’s update:

And here’s his update from this morning (day 8):

Click the play button to hear Gary’s update:

Don’t forget to leave a donation for one of Gary’s causes, and if you can head out and bring him some coffee or food or run a few miles with him if you live between CT and DC.