Are you racing in the Back Cove Weekly Series tonight? It is the last race of the season, and this year there are not just overall winners but also age group awards!

Click here to download full results for eligible runners.

Amongst the highlights, are the race for the overall winners.

On the ladies’ side, Taylor Bickford of Limington is in the lead with a cumulative time of 1:34:43, leading Michelle Lilienthal of Portland by 2 minutes and 6 seconds. Michelle is poised to drop a 21:05 slowest time, however, and Taylor’s slowest time is 19:24. If Michelle can run 18:58 or faster and beats Taylor by at least 26 seconds, then she will take first place.

That will have an impact on the age group awards. If Taylor wins the overall, then Kristen Glennie will most likely win F20-29 and Michelle will win F30-39. If Michelle wins the overall, then Taylor will win the F20-29 and Kalie Dunn will win the F30-39.

For the men, Chris Harmon and Spencer McElwain, both of Portland, will be dueling for the overall title, while the M20-29 win will most likely go to the other unless Aaron Epps, Andrew Tufts, or Marc Halverson have a breakout race. Chris is currently in the lead with a cumulative time of 1:24:10, 2 minutes and 51 seconds ahead of Spencer. Spencer needs to run a 16:48 or faster and has to beat Chris by at least 22 seconds in order to overtake him on the leaderboard.

For the rest of the age groups, Bea Hesselbart must run tonight in order to win the F19-under age group, and Caleb Richard of Saco will win the M19-under age division unless Michael Luna of Portland runs tonight to challenge him. Ryan Collins of Falmouth is in the lead with a time of 1:28:01 for M30-39, but Ara Parseghian of Portland is only 45 seconds behind him and Michael Gordon of Falmouth could jump onto the leaderboard and win the division if he races tonight.

Lauren Adey of Falmouth is comfortably in the lead of the 40-49 division with her 1:49:19, as is Mark Rich of Portland with his 1:41:55. It will be a close race between Suzie Brockelbank of Raymond (1:56:09) and Amy Bouchard of South Portland (1:56:23) for the F50-59 division. If Amy wants to overtake Suzie, she is going to need to beat her by at least 40 seconds and run at least 23:07 or faster. The M50-59 division could be a close race between Mitch Darrow of Portland (1:46:09), Edie Rabasco of Poland (1:46:33) and James Bickford of Limington (1:46:57)…but only if Pete Bottomley of Cape Elizabeth decides not to run his 6th race tonight.

Marilyn Bell of Cape Elizabeth (2:16:30) and Charles Kaufmann of Portland (1:41:47) will comfortably win the 60-69 divisions, as will Donna Jones (4:00:51) and Don Zillman (2:16:40), both of Portland, in the 70+ divisions.