Are you racing in the Back Cove Weekly Series tonight? It is the last race of the season, and this year there are not just overall winners but also age group awards!

Amongst the highlights, are the race for the overall winners.

For the women, Michelle Lilienthal wins unless Leah Frost runs an 18:33 and beats her by at least 36 seconds.

For the men, Ryan Morrison wins unless Rob Gomez runs a 17:45 (if Ryan does run tonight, then he has to beat Rob by at least 68 seconds in order to still win if Rob runs 17:45 or faster.)
For the age group awards, we have a mix of people who have locked their divisions and those who may have to race to maintain their lead.
19 and under: 
  • Avery Horne is a lock for female.
  • If Ryan Morrison wins the overall title, Joseph Skerritt wins unless Peter Dininno runs 16:38 and wins by at least 2:22.
    • Otherwise, Ryan Morrison is a lock for male.
  • Karisa Morin is a lock for female.
  • Chris Harmon wins for male unless Devon Holgate runs 17:46 and beats Chris by 98 seconds (unless Chris runs 14:47 and beats Ryan by at least 2:07, in which case he wins overall and Ned #388 wins the age division unless Devon runs 18:39 and beats Ned by at least 4 seconds.)
  • Leah Frost is a lock for female, unless she runs an 18:33 and beats Michelle Lilienthal by at least 36 seconds in which case Michelle is a lock for the age group. (In other words, these two are locks for overall and the age group, depending on how well they run tomorrow night.)
  • Jesse Johnson wins for male unless (Rob Gomez runs between 17:47 – 19:17 and Jesse doesn’t run faster than 17:02) and/or (Michael Gordon runs 17:37 and is within 35 seconds of Jesse) and/or (Ryan Collins runs 17:00 and beats Jesse by at least 2 seconds)
  • Mandy Levine is basically a lock for female (Janice Locke would have to run a 16:24 and win by at least 10 minutes and 25 seconds.)
  • David Weatherbie is basically a lock for male (Tom Abello would have to run a 15:41 and win by at least 2:44)
  • Suzie Entwhistle is basically a lock for female (Amy Bouchard would have to run 18:56 and win by at least 3:50)
  • Pete Bottomley is a lock for male.
  • Susan Murphy wins for female unless (Carol Fanning runs 22:39 and wins by 2:51) and/or (Marilyn Bell runs 17:25 and wins by 8:05)
  • Lawrence Gorton wins for male unless (David Benham runs 18:05 and beats him by 4:14) and/or (Martin Donlon runs 16:36 and beats him by at least 5:43)
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Philip Pierce registered using the wrong gender; if Philip is a woman that happens to share a name with Phil then she is a lock for female (Bib #140). Otherwise…
  • Donna Jones is a lock for female.
  • Richard Labauve is basically a lock for male unless Don Zillman runs 16:08 and beats him by 9:34.

For the age groups, yellow lines denote the current leaders and green lines are folks who could potentially catch them (the cutoff being pretty much anything slower than 14 minutes whether that makes sense or not.) The orange lines are the overall leaders.