Should You Stretch Before Your Run?

Does stretching make you a better runner, or a worse runner? Should you stretch before your run, after your run, or both? Stretching damages your muscles, the same as any other kind of workout, so that they can come back with appropriate adaptations to withstand that...

Do Your Shoulders Hurt When You Run?

There can be a lot of reasons for shoulder cramps and shoulder pain when you are running, some which aren’t very serious and some that are very serious. If your shoulders hurt, then it is probably worth seeing your doctor or physical therapist to make sure it isn’t one of the more serious problems such as a problem with your heart (cardiac angina) or spleen, or some sort of bursitis or spinal problem. More than likely, it’s just a minor muscular imbalance or weakness or a minor issue with your running form that a coach could help you correct. Here are 5 areas that you can address to see if they provide relief.