Mid-day workouts are great. You do not have to get up at 5:30 in the morning in order to have time before work to get it done. You do not have to delay dinner until 8 or 9 o’clock at night due to working out after work. You get the warmest part of the day to work out in (most of the time).

Of course, not everything is great about mid-day workouts. You do not get as long to do the workout. You will most likely need to spend half of the time that you do have in various states of changing, showering, or traveling to/from a place that you can do the workout.

That said, I like doing the 20-30 minute workouts in the middle the day whenever I can. The gym that I go to is about 3 or 4 minutes by car from where I work, and the community pool is about 2 minutes away. That gives me time for a 4 or 5 mile run or a half hour swim. Most of my weight lifting workouts can not really be done in the time available, but when I do do them at lunch time the crowds are much sparser than in the morning or after work. They get so bad after work that I will very rarely bother, unless I happen to work late and planned ahead for it.

I tried my first mid-day swim today. I had been going at 6:00 or 6:20ish in the mornings that I swam, and the crowd has not been too bad. A few more people than there were today at lunch time. I am told by both groups that it is busier than usual, so maybe that is just the season. I felt good for having had the extra few hours of moving around before swimming. I also had a few hours of breakfast/snacking in me, which I am sure was one of the reasons that I felt so good while swimming. On Wednesday I was a bit tired.

The only real problem was that my “sleeping in” until 6:30 did not really work because the cat figured that I was supposed to be getting up at my normal time an hour earlier (despite my feeding her at 4:00 this morning). I finally got her to settle down at about 6:25, and then I dozed off until a quarter to seven. Not the end of the world.