Sore muscles plague everybody at some point in their lives; athletes just tend to control when it happens a little easier. Two days ago, I hiked up Mount Washington and then back down. Yesterday morning I was a bit sore, but I felt fine on my four mile jig jog (I would have gone further, but having not gotten home ’til 12:30, I only had a half hour until the football games started). I was not very sore at all last night when I went to bed. Not so this morning; my left cheek and the side of my leg were particularly sore.

Most of a day later, I can still tell that it is sore, but not so much that I am going to do anything special. I took today off, and will run again tomorrow morning. When my muscles are particularly bad I will sometimes ice them, and if it past soreness and into pain I might consider taking some ibuprofen. Usually, though, I just drink a lot of juice and stretch out at any conceivable time. A short jig jog is usually in order to help loosen up.

How do you usually deal with sore muscles?