Victor Conte, the founder of Balco, was sentenced to four months in prison this week. He will then have to serve another four months of home confinement. Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds friend and personal trainer, also got a slap on the wrist for his involvement in the drug trafficking and money laundering.

It amazes me that we have such tough laws on marijuana, and all the rave in Congress right now is about how bad steroids are and how we need to stamp them out, and the best that they can do for two huge convictions is 4 months and 3 months in prison. They don’t even have to report to prison for another month and a half, almost. Victor Conte is pretending to turn over a new leaf, though.

“I’ve decided to direct my knowledge, experience and determination toward making sports more honorable for the athletes and fans,” he said.

I’ll believe that when I see it. If he does do something worthwhile, more power to him. But I just find it difficult to believe that the guy is all that altruistic. He is probably parroting the words his marketing manager are feeding to him so that when he gets out of prison he can find something to do with all the cash he made selling designer steroids to athletes.