Karen König is the first of 137 former German Olympic athletes who may sue over being forced to take performance enhanding drugs in the mid 80s. The former East German sports system forced their athletes to take the drugs, but the committee no longer exists since the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the German Democratic Republic. They were folded into their counterparts from the west, and now the current Olympic committee is being held accountable for their enemies’ crimes. König said,

I was furious that I had been deceived for so long. Now I want to unveil the whole DDR doping system as every single person involved should be made responsible for what they have done. Not just the doctors and the coaches but also all those who were in charge of our sports system.

I can understand going after the doctors and trainers who were responsible. I can even understand going after the people that were in charge of the sports system. However, I can not really understand going after the current sports system, who had absolutely nothing to do with the whole situation. I do not know if either side can really show proof of what was going on. According to the athletes, they had no idea that they were being drugged, but the Olympic committee believes that they (or their parents) were made fully aware of what was happening.