How do holidays affect your workout plans when you have to travel and will not be able to follow your normal schedule? Most of the time, I can just bring some running shoes and shorts (or pants) with me wherever I am going and make do, but right now I am lifting weights and swimming rather than running. It is rather difficult to carry a few thousand gallons of water with me, and only marginally less difficult to carry weights and other implements.

My current schedule, which I will post this weekend, is a 3 day rotation. On Mondays, I lift my chest and arms, on Wednesdays, I lift my legs, and on Fridays, I lift my back and shoulders. I do ab work all three days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I either take the day off or I swim for 30-40 minutes. Weekends I take off.

My month off from running will end on Friday (My last marathon was on October 23rd) so I can get a run in where I am going. I did my normal Monday workout this morning. I have no problem with not working out Thursday as I will be driving and will not have a lot of time as I meet up with family that I have not seen for a while.

I am considering a few different options. I can swim tomorrow, and then do either the normal Wednesday workout or my Friday workout on Wednesday morning, and then do some sort of supplement workout on Friday by either going out for a run or doing a core workout of situps, pushups, and the like. Or, I could do my leg workout tomorrow morning and my Friday workout on Wednesday morning, and then go for a run on Friday.

What would you do under the circumstances? Any other options that I should consider that you can think of?