Down in Corpus Christi, Texas, there is a new sports training program. It isn’t for the kids that participate in the sports, though; it is a mandatory class that the parents have to take before their kids can participate.

The five dollar course would be mandatory for all parents before their children play in a league that’s on city property. Advocates said it’s only a matter of time before a parent gets really violent at a game here.

Note that this new law is not because parents are getting out of hand. On the contrary, there have not been any problems yet at all. The city just wants to find a new tax for people. Maybe I am odd, but I tend to think that you can assume that people are not going to be all that bad if they have no history of it. There are hundreds of thousands of communities throughout this country that have not had any problems with unruly parents. Is Corpus Christi such a rough neighborhood that despite there being no history of violence by parents at their kids sporting events that it “only a matter of time?” Do these lawmakers not have anything constructive to do with their time?