How to perform the prone leg curl using both legs with an animated image showing the move. Click on the picture to see the full sized animation. This can also be referred to as a lying leg curl.

  1. Lay face down on a prone leg curl machine. Line up your knee with the axis of the machine. This should be marked with a red dot where your knees hang off the edge of the bench.
  2. Adjust the ankle pad so that the pad is between your ankle and the meat of your calf.
  3. Press the top of your thigh against the bench.
  4. Pull your ankle towards your back. Only your lower leg below the knee should move. Keep your torso flat on the bench so that you do not hyperextend your back.
  5. Slowly lower your ankles to the starting position.
  6. Do not lock your knees.

This exercise will work your hamstrings. It can also be done with a low pulley and an ankle attachment using a regular bench.