In a recent comment by Scott, he asked if I found much difference in my clarity of mind depending upon the time of day that I run.

Time of day does not seem to have a big impact for me. How tired or stressed I am seems to have a bigger impact, as well as what kind of workout I am doing.

If I am really stressed out and on a long run, then I can zone out and not really be conscious of anything except making sure I don�t get hit by a car or twist an ankle. Very relaxing.

In general, though, if I am running easy then I get the creative side of the brain working. If I am running hard, then I am busy evaluating my body, my effort, my pace, race strategy, and in general concentrating completely on my running and using the analytical side of my brain.

If I run early in the morning, then I may be a bit groggy for the first 3 or 4 minutes. I generally will wake right up though. In general, I have already had at least a small breakfast in the morning before I start the run so I have had time to wake up anyway. I am a morning person and wake up easily and completely most days.

How about for everybody else? How is your clarity of mind effected by the time of day, if at all? What other factors come into play?