Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night RunnerOne of my goals in life is to run a marathon in every state. I do not have any interest (right now) in races longer than the marathon. I have previously written about Dean Karnazes when I reviewed his book Ultramarathon Man. Things do not seem to have changed much in his life.

His latest challenge for himself is to run a marathon in every state. Back to back. On consecutive days. Starting in St. Charles on September 17th, and finishing with the New York City marathon on November 5th, he is going to run the race course of a marathon in each state one after another. You can find more details about it at the North Face Endurance 50 website.

He stops into Portland for the Maine Marathon course on October 17. I wonder if he is going to be looking for company on the course, and at what pace he’d be running? I think that I am going to run the New York City marathon, and I am not sure that I want to do a 26 mile run only 2½ weeks before it, but it may be worth doing anyway. Or at least running for 18 to 22 of it. The Maine Marathon course is one of the tougher marathons that I have run.

(Thanks to Musings of a Runner for bringing this to my attention)