Dick Pound has now responded to the report exhonerating Lance Armstrong from the doping allegations of last August. He claims that the reports finding are “farcical” and full of holes.

He said the report had so many factual errors that “pointing them out would probably take as much space as the [132-page] report.” WADA will consider legal action against Vrijman and “any organization, including UCI, that may publicly adopt its conclusions.” Pound said a complete, independent investigation was needed to determine whether the seven-time Tour champion used endurance-boosting erythropoietin, or EPO.

Of course, anything that will paint him and the World Anti-Doping Agency in a bad light will of course not be worth reading. I found it rather humorous that he is thinking of taking a legal action against a finding that suggests that their methods be questioned. I also find it humorous that he is thinking of taking legal action against anybody that might support that report.

The best part of it is that he wants there to be a complete and independant investigation into the matter. Because the investigation by Dutch lawyer Emile Vrijman was obviously not that. I realize that Vrijman’s investigation was into the handling of the drug samples, but I still find it ludicrous that something that has (apparently) been botched so much has any chance of holding water. Other samples by Lance Armstrong that were tested in 2004 did not test positive, and now this last sample that is available that did not have adequote controls on it’s validity seems to come back positive and they feel that is 100% proof that the other 200 some odd drug tests are wrong? Laughable.

Lance Armstrong is right. Not only do there need to be controls on the athletes. There also need to be controls on the people that police the athletes.

(Source: ESPN.com)