This morning, I tried doing front squats for the first time. I fairly quickly abandoned them, however, and only did one set before going back to normal squats to finish my other sets. Perhaps it is that I am still fatigued from the marathon, or my form is way off, but I couldn’t manage to find a comfortable way to balance the bar.

I tried resting the bar on the front of my shoulders with my arms parallel to the floor and my fingertips holding the bar in place, but I couldn’t seem to get my deltoids to cradle it and my wrists were really hurting.

What suggestions would you have for somebody trying to add something new to their repertoire without a spotter? The mirror in front of the squat rack doesn’t normally go low enough, but it is large enough to let me see that it looks like my form is close to where it should be. I just couldn’t seem to get it to work for me, so I went with what was familiar to make sure I had enough time to do my entire workout.

By the way, congratulations are in order to Chris D at Strength News for setting a new front squats PR yesterday.