The sixth back cove 5k was this evening. This 19 week series rewards the runners with the fastest 6 combined times throughout the entire series. Today was the first time that I actually raced the course, since the first one was the beginning of my taper for Vermont and I did have some recovery time after the marathon.

Mark Goettel, who works for Portland Trails, went out hard for the first mile and faded during the second. I let him take off and roped him back during the second mile. About a quarter mile later I passed him and didn’t see him again until the finish.

Mark is the only person to have a faster time so far on the course than mine, but I doubt that I will win the series. Two days before my marathon was a 5k put on by a local YMCA (which I didn’t run this year) that is basically the same course. The winning time was a minute and a half faster than today’s 17:25, and more of those types of times will come out later in the summer when the weather is nicer and people are hitting their 5k strides. I will say that I am on top of the standings now, though; I’m the only person that’s beaten me to have run all 6 races so far.

If by some fluke I do win, I will have to find some worthy cause to give the shoes away to. The prize is a year’s supply of Mizuno running shoes, four pairs. I do wear Mizunos, but only when I weight lift and those shoes will last a while longer. Maybe I could give the shoes to some high school students or do something similar. It will be a moot point, though, as I am unlikely to win. Nor do I really care if I do; this is mostly an excuse to get some speed work in with other people around.

I need to decide what to do next week. I am supposed to do some sort of interval workout with a friend of mine through the race. I will probably treat him to halves or quarter repeats.