Okolo over at Team in Training asked, “How many pushups can you do?

I love pushups so much because they work so many muscles, and because after you master the basic pushup (can do about 50 without stopping) there are lots of variations to keep it interesting and keep different muscles working. Pushups work the arms (biceps and triceps), chest, shoulders, back, and abs.

So my challenge to the folks in blog land is how many pushups can you do? Please reply and post here.

Pushups are a great exercise, and it has been a long time since I have sat down and just done a lot of them in a row. I usually incorporate some form of them into my workout, but then I do 10 to 20 of them in sets rather than just doing a large set to exhaustion. For example, my current workout involves doing T-Pushups, where you go down as normal but then explode up to your right or left (switching each time) and point at the ceiling.

I tried Okolo’s challenge this morning, and I did 46 pushups. I was starting to get tired, but I wasn’t fatigued yet. My living room floor was not being kind to my wrists, though, and I was too lazy to go downstairs to get some dumbbells to hold onto. I might have managed only another half dozen or dozen anyway.

So, how many pushups can you do? Leave a reply here or head over to the Team in Training site and reply over there. Better yet, leave a note in both places.

If you have never done pushups before, or are not particularly comfortable on technique, I have animated instruction guides about Pushups and Assisted Pushups.