Lance Armstrong wrote a letter to the IOC president Jacques Rogge calling for Dick Pound to be removed as the head of WADA. Not surprisingly, Dick Pound has responded to the letter by ridculing Lance Armstrong for writing it.

“Maybe now that [Armstrong] has retired, he has too much time on his hands,” Pound said in an e-mail to the newspaper. “For someone beating the ethical drum, you might have thought that transparency and courage would suggest he would have the decency to let me know directly, rather than through a leaked disclosure [of Armstrong’s letter] to certain media, that he was launching his ill-considered attack.”

I find his comments fairly amusing, since he admitted that he has not even read the letter that Lance Armstrong wrote. According to the letter that he is making fun of, Dick Pound is doing exactly what Armstrong suggested that he does any time that he is challenged. It is made more humorous because he is ridiculing Armstrong for the very things that he has done in the past.