It is amazing how something as simple as catching a football wrong can derail your workout plans. After my mile race on Sunday, I spent the afternoon at the beach tossing the football back and forth while out wading in the ocean. One wrong catch, and the finger has been jammed. Five minutes later, it’s still hurting, which is starting to get to out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, I got up and went about my morning all the way up to the point where I leave for the gym, when I realized that my swollen and bruised finger was not going to do very well trying to support a barbell. As the morning progressed, the bruising kept spreading from the base of the finger until it had gotten about a third of the way past my last knuckle. It is still discolored today, but it is not nearly as purple and is starting to look more fleshy. It is still swollen though. If my wedding band comes in again this week, then I will not be able to try it on.

My workout plans are flexible enough to account for minor setbacks like this. I took Monday off from lifting, and very well may take the rest of the week off and let my finger heal. In the meantime, I will get plenty of running done, which can be held without having to support weights that are heavier than myself.

How much would your training be derailed by something as silly as a broken finger?